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We are Brer

Brer was established in 1999 as a packaging distributor for local Swiss market and was re-born to serve to global packaging markets in 2020. Brer is a trusted packaging solutions provider that is committed to delivering complete packaging solutions to its customers through innovative and sustainable products.  Operating from warehouse in Geroldswil, Brer offers stockholding facility and quick delivery service for European Market. The team at Brer are passionate people who care about creating value for our customers. 

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Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Films are one of the most important substrates for packaging because of excellent properties such as high clarity, heat sealability, stiffness and barrier protection.

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The new European regulations require a new focus and a big challenge in the packaging industry. Commitments from all major brands and big end users are another sign of a new approach in packaging business.                                                                                                                                                                        
Brer is strongly committed contributing the circular economy by helping its customers choose and design more sustainable packaging materials.

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Are you interested in tailor-made environmentally friendly packaging designs? We are the packaging designers and we dress your product for the perfect fit. 

Brer GmbH             
Steinhaldenring 7                   
8954 Geroldswil

Brer GmbH (Germany)           
Turmstrasse 11                    
78467 Constance

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Brer goes Germany


Since March 2022 Brer GmbH is also based in Constance, Germany

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